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(April Fools) Top 10 characters that NEED to be in Smash!

Posted by BellmoTheGreat - March 31st, 2020

And no, I don't "Want" these characters to be playable in Super Smash Bros, these are characters that NEED and MUST be made playable in Smash! No, this isn't based on my own opinion, this is objective fact! Saying this list is my own opinion is like saying that someone might actually enjoy modern Pokemon games. What a joke! Everyone knows Sun and Moon and Sword and Shield are objectively terrible games and anyone who say's other wise is obviously a troll or a child! But back on topic it's no surprise that Fighters Pass 1 for Smash Bro's ultimate was TERRIBLE!!! Four weebs no one asked for and only one character that should of been in the game already? How dare characters no one knows about be added into Smash! I mean, what are they trying to do? Spread awareness for a series no one is going to care about or play? PLEASE! All anyone want's is the popular characters! "Well no one knew who Shantae was until you all kept demanding for her to be in Smash Bros." Who asked you? Nobody! Just like how nobody asked for generic anime guy, generic anime guy, generic anime guy or generic anime guy! "Do you even know anything about those so called 'Generic Anime Guy's?' And how are they any more generic than Dan..." NOBODY CARES! But these guys, oh yes! So let's hope Nintendo see's this list and listens to us since they should!


I mean this is obvious right? It's mother fucking Doom! Doom guy has so much potential for a move set! He's got guns, a chainsaw and......... ummm...... well..... he's........ Ah who cares! He's from one of the most influence games ever so he totally deserves to be in Smash!


Why limit our self to just game characters right? Why not add movie stars? And this is a characters who was requested leading up to the release of Melee but what did we get instead? Some generic sword's men from some generic game from Japan called Fire Emblem and now this game has TWO MANY FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS! Come on Sakuri, no one plays Fire Emblem! Everyone knows that!


Waluigi has been disrespected by Nintendo for TWO DAM LONG! He NEEDS to be made a fighter all ready! Not a shitty Assist Trophy that no one will use because no one plays Smash with items on!

7. GENO!

WHY IS GENO NOTHING BUT A SHITTY SPIRIT IN ULTIMATE?!?! He deserves to be a fighter! "Didn't you just get don't complaining about how there's 'Two many Fire Emblem characters' and that no one plays Fire Emblem? Now your asking for not one but two Mario characters when the amount of Mario characters is almost equle to Fire Emblem and you even want a character from a Mario Spin Off that not many people have even played! Doesn't that seem pretty, ya know, hypocritical?" Oh no not at all. Why? Because PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY MARIO!!!

6. SORA!

Speaking of Square Enix games WHERE'S SORA ALREADY!? And don't give me that shit about Disney or copyright or anything, Sora deserves to be in Smash just like EVERY one of these fighters! Plus he come's from another Crossover Game so it would be incredibly fitting!


I mean this one's obvious right? We have been in dire need of Shantae since Smash for Wii U and were voting for her constantly and what did we get? A FUCKING WHICH THAT RUINED THE GAME!!! "Shantae's already in the game as a spirit though! Isn't that good enough for you?" NO! NO IT'S NOT!!! SHE DESERVES BETTER!!! "Oh please, you wouldn't of even known who she was if it wasn't for everyone demanding her to be playable ever since the release of Pirates Curse." YES I DID! I've known her since....... Pirates Cur...


I mean this one's is also obvious two right? Who doesn't want Dante in Smash? Actually, why isn't he in Smash? HE SHOULD OF BEEN THE FINAL CHARACTER FOR FIGHTERS PASS ONE! BYLETH STOLE DANTAE'S SLOT! "You know, for someone who clams to hate four out of the five DLC characters for Smash Bro's Ultimate and say's that they are generic anime guy's you seem to be requesting a lot so far along those lines. Geno, Sora and now Dante who is more anime protagonist than the Devil May Cry anime they made." DON'T YOU DARE DISRESPECT DANTE LIKE THAT! You're no better than those fuckers at Ninja Theory who tried to kill of the series back in 2013 with there shitty reboot! God, just talking about that makes me so angry after this I'm going to go take out my anger on Byleth in Ultimate for stealing Dante's slot and feel satisfaction!


I mean, if it's in a Nintendo game then it's fair game right? And the Wii Safety Guy is as fair game as any! "Now your just streacing." OH WELL IT'S NOT LIKE YOU HAVE ANY BETTER IDEAS FOR CHARACTERS! "No your right. My picks would be very un-popular picks that only I seem to to asking for like Ezio or Kazyua. I am aware that as far as Assassin's Creed goes we do have a costume for the Mii that..." OH MY GOD, NOBODY CARES!

2. GOKU!

How many times have we asked for Goku to be added to Smash? And how many times has Sakuri ignored us? TWO DAM LONG! "I fail to see how he's ignored you considering he's added Ridley and King K. Rool to Ultimate, added back an Adventure Mode and even if it wasn't in the way you wanted added Shantae, Shovel Knight and Geno in some way." THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Now if he add's Goku then I will finally be happy! And if you think that I'm a hypnocrit or think that I'm over reacting then your not a real Smash fan and you are probaply going to get infected with Corona Virus!

1. I actually don't care.

Happy April Fools day people! Yeah, don't take this journal two seriously. I know that saying something is a joke kind of ruins the whole point of a joke but given how we live in an age where people will look so deep into something that they might not get that something is intended as a joke can you really blame me? It's just a bit of fun and a way to take the piss out. And if you want my actual thoughts, that's honestly a discussion for a whole other journal but no character really "Needs" or "Deserves" to be in Smash. Honestly, I'll be more impressed if this manages to make anyone laugh more than anything.