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Personal Gaming Opinions

Posted by BellmoTheGreat - 1 month ago

I don't think I even need to explain what this journal is about. It's my own thoughts and opinions on cretin subjects in gaming. I've been playing video games since I was a young child in the Playstation 2 era and I have grown a lot of different views on certain games or aspects from games. Some of which I thought I'd share here. This isn't all of them because with how in detail I go we would be here forever but while I was board waiting for my internet to get set up I decided to write some of these down. And I know not everyone's going to agree with me on these, they are personal after all, but I thought this might be something wroth sharing.

Isabelle isn’t a good fit for a fighter in Super Smash Bro’s Ultimate.

Did I also mention these opinions are also going to be a little controversial? But yeah, as a playable fighter in Smash Ultimate Isabelle stands out to me… for the wrong reasons! Remember how I went on in that journal post about how the idea of Shantae in Mortal Kombat is so out of place and how it would go agents her character? Well a similar situation is with Isabelle because her being playable in Smash goes agents her character. Anyone who’s played Animal Crossing New Leaf or who read about Animal Crossing New Leaf because you didn’t want to play it for whatever reason knows that Isabelle is your assistant and she is also very kind, very sweet and in general is just a really big pacific. Well, unless you break a window but what going “Isabellistic” as it’s described in game really means is anyone’s guess.

Can you see now why the idea of her being playable doesn’t fit for me? The idea of this normally peaceful and nonviolent character beating up everyone in a fight might seem hilarious at first but I just don’t share the same sentiment. And this is coming from the same guy who plays Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken! Then again, it’s kind of hard for me to laugh at some things anyway. I honestly think how she was used in Super Smash Bro’s for Wii U/3DS as an assist trophy that healed whoever summoned her was a way better use for her than having her potentially get shot at, blown up, crushed, burnt, drown and beat up as a playable character by the Hero of Hyrule, a witch who can summon demons from hell, a pair of professional martial artists, a mentally messed up in the head space alien and the actual King of Evil. Plus, violence agents those kinds of characters doesn’t sit well with me personally. But what surprises me is that people actually love that she’s playable and some even wanted it. And I just can’t help but go “Why though? Is it because she’s popular? If that was the case Goku, Master Chief and Anna would have been added in already despite it being told to you time and time again that Smash is for game characters only, compared to every other franchise represented in Smash Halo has never had a game released on a Nintendo System and apparently there’s ‘Two many Fire Emblem characters’ despite the fact that the number of Mario and Pokemon character equal that yet no one complains about them! And don’t tell me ‘people don’t play Fire Emblem’ either because that is the most contentious statement ever as…” I know, I’m getting of topic sorry. That probably also shows you how strongly I feel about that issue as well though. Even still I think I’ve made my point about why I don’t like the idea of a playable Isabelle in Smash pretty clear. And I know some of you might try to bring up the Villager in defence of Isabelle and while it is true that he/she doesn’t do any fighting in Animal Crossing you also have to remember that the Villager is the avatar for the player that has almost no personality so the player can project themselves onto their Villager. He might be a secret serial killer if that’s what you want to think.


Bolo is my most hated character in Shantae.

Moving onto an opinion I think most people will agree with me on, at least I hope, is my thoughts on Bolo. For those of you who don’t know I have some very strong opinions on this character. And they are not positive one’s either. In general, I really can’t stand characters who are written to be nothing but idiots who only exist to move the plot along. And there you go! I just perfectly described Bolo without even talking about him but since I need citations for my opinions otherwise it seems like I’m just pulling them out of my ass let me tell you about some of the shit he’s done that irritates me.

In the original Shantae on Gameboy Colour he leads Risky Boots to the location of the Splash Plate not because she threatened him or payed him a lot of money or whatever else Risky might pay people with but because “She was very pretty, and her perfume smelt nice.” Okay yeah Risky Boots is hot, I’m not going to deny that even for a second but come on! She has purple skin (or pure black skin in the original game because of hard where limitations despite still having the intended skin on the Game Over screen), she’s the self-proclaimed Pirate Queen and she has an army of minions who I admit are not very intimidating at all. Seriously, I think a Tinkerbat plushie would actually look kind of cute in an odd way. Surprisingly he doesn’t actually do anything stupid in Risky’s Revenge. I’m sure this is because of how short the game is and whether those rumours about it originally being episodic are true or not I’m not here to debate. But trust me, Pirate Curse he’s back at it again! The moment he’s given the X-Ray Glasses he apparently thinks that he’s super smart now. Mate, I wear glasses and yet I still can’t get my head around the cluster fuck that is Algabra. And then he goes on to work for Techno Baron who is helping Ammo Baron who wants to destroy the Sequin Land palace. Sure, the part he delivers causes Ammo Baron to screw up and miss shooting the palace so I guess I can forgive Bolo for that? … Nah, I can’t, especially when that same cannon is used for the true final boss agents the Pirate Master and it works fine! And finally, in Half Genie Hero right at the start of the game he’s late delivering something to Mimic because he is infatuated with the girl at the bath house. You know between her and Risky I’m starting to think attractive women in general is enough to hypnotise this dumb ass to the point where I genuinely wonder why Shantae even still stick’s around him! The only time I even play as him in the Friends to the End DLC is when it’s required of me but every other time it’s Waifu Rottytops all the time. I started this series at the start of 2016 with Pirate’s Curse and even now, I feel the same way about Bolo now as I did then! I can’t wait to see how you only exist to move the plot along in Seven Sirens you scatterbrained plot device!


Grand Theft Auto IV is the weakest game in the series.

I’ll be honest, this game was kind of my reason for wanting to write this in the first place. When I say I think GTA IV is the weakest in the series that doesn’t mean I’m saying I think it’s a bad game! In fact when I first got this game for my Playstation 3 11 years ago I loved it! It was the game I spent the most time in on my system. Then again it was the only other game I had for the system aside from Rachet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and I was still only just a kid who actually thought the Star Wars Prequels were just as good as the original trilogy. Last year I decided to get GTA IV and it’s DLC on Steam since they were on sale and I knew my gaming PC I got for Christmas the year before could handle it, so I decided to take a trip down memory lane. And when I started playing one of the first thoughts that came to my mind was “I suddenly remember why I never came back to this game after Grand Theft Auto V came out.”

Liberty City in this game looks ugly as hell! There are browns, greys, more browns and a lot of greys with the only place in the entire city that has any variety being Star Junction! I’m not even kidding when I say Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III looks better than this regardless of if it’s the original Playstation 2 version or the PC port or even the mobile version! I’m not a graphic snob but having to use mods to make the city look visually appealing just so I have motivation to explore it should be optional, not required! This isn’t the only example either since the handling of the cars is not that great. They feel so slippery to control to the point where if you’re going to fast in a sports car and try to break don’t bother. Chances are even if you hold down the break and reverse buttons at the same time you will still collide with a wall and kill yourself by accident by shooting yourself out of the windshield from driving too fast all because Rockstar Games wanted to focus more on realism in this game. That’s not a bad thing to try to achieve but let me ask you this. What do you think is more appealing to me, a guy who play’s game to have fun? Realism or fun? And spoiler alert, there IS a correct answer to this question! And of course, there is stuff like the whole friend date system where your friends would constantly call you up to ask you to go bowling with you or play pool or even just pointlessly drive them somewhere. I don’t mind that as much since you can just turn your in game phone onto Sleep Mode which while it does also halt story progression means those friends won’t bother you so much!

The most common defence I’ve seen towards this game is the story. And I will admit, it is an enjoyable story with likable characters. It’s not the best story I’ve ever seen in a game and some of the characters I don’t care about (Sorry to say but when Trevor killed Johnny in GTA V I just didn’t care) and I find that in the main story Bulgarian only showing up a few times despite making it out as if he’s a big deal only for him to be the final antagonist of one of the DLC’s that star a different main character does feel pretty silly but for what it is I do enjoy the story… And that’s also a problem as well. Let me try to explain. Back in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 era a lot of games seemed to put more of an emphases on their story while the gameplay of those games also suffered at the same time. As a result, some games compromised their gameplay for story. Spec Ops: The Line being only one other example and Grand Theft Auto IV is no different. Nearly every main mission in this game are repetitive kill this guy, chase this guy, follow this guy missions. And this game has nearly 100 missions in it and that’s including the alternate semi-final mission before the finale! After Grand Theft Auto V came out, I never went back to GTA IV and now I remember why because Los Santos is actually a visually appealing location to explore, the game doesn’t compromise gameplay for story and the missions are actually fun. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been going back to GTA IV more recently because there are things I do really love. The in game TV shows are really fun to watch and I’d be lying if I didn’t say the in game anime protagonist Princess Robot Bublegum wasn’t kind of waifu material if not just for how that one show like every other show in GTA IV and V makes fun of the topes of it’s genre in a way that’s actually funny to me. The activities like Bowling, Pool, dancing and darts are fun distractions and I spent more time on the in-game internet more than real life internet. Even still I actually question the reason as to why people say Grand Theft Auto IV is better than Grand Theft Auto V when V improved on so much!


Fire Emblem Warriors > Hyrule Warriors.

I knew at some point at me writing this I would have to talk about something Fire Emblem related despite my hesitation to do so at first. That might seem confusing to anyone reading this that doesn’t know about the reputation Fire Emblem Warriors has because a lot of Fire Emblem fans actually don’t like Fire Emblem Warriors. That and the Fire Emblem fanbase isn’t exsaclly one of the most hosbitable Nintendo Fanbases. Nowadays I think the Pokemon Fanbase shares a spot with them but still. The most common and quite frankly the most generic reason I’ve seen them not liking this game is because it “Over represents Awakening and Fates.” Once again, I’m going to say something everyone will have to take with a massive grain of salt. Not that I haven’t done that already with this article but still, I actually expected that Awakening and Fates would have been represented the most in this game. You have to remember, Awakening and Fates are some of the highest selling games in the series and if it wasn’t for Awakening bringing in so many new fans, myself included, the series would have been dead and the last games that would of ever been released would of both been remakes. One of which didn’t even get released outside of Japan and the other being what some consider a mediocre remake of the original Fire Emblem game on the Famicom! I will admit that I would have preferred if let’s say four of the eight Fate’s Royals were playable, two from Hoshido and two from Nohr of course, but I’m fine with the cast. Not to mention a lot of people who would be playing this game are most likely fans who started with Awakening and Fates. Of course, they do have Shadow Dragon characters because they would not make a Dynasty Warriors crossover game without having the flagship Fire Emblem character Marth.

As to why I think Fire Emblem Warriors is a better Warriors game than Hyrule Warriors is quite simple, the improvements to the gameplay over Hyrule Warriors, specifically the stuff that was in the 3DS Legends version as well as how it implements elements from Fire Emblem such as the weapon triangle meaning that you actually have to think about what units you send in before a battle even though it is true that there is nothing stopping you from sending in purely your favourite characters. I’d be lying if I said Robin and Camilla were not my highest-level characters for that very reason. Characters even have support levels with other characters if paired up long enough with some even having A+ rank’s that unlock small little conversations with each other and this even extends to the DLC. There’s no S rank though so you won’t be able to ship them romantically. As for what it does better than Hyrule Warriors in the Legends version of Hyrule Warriors it let you have multiple playable warriors on the field that you could swap between at any time and any you were not controlling could be ordered to go to keeps or points of interest. This was a great addition I feel but there’s one thing that holds it back for me. Your AI controlled teammates are horrible! It didn’t matter if you sent a level 100 warrior to a keep during a level 5 mission, unless you were directly controlling them 95% of the time, they would not capture the keep at all! Even in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition, which came out months after Fire Emblem Warriors, this problem is still present. Fire Emblem Warriors fixes this issue immensely! Your non controlled warriors that you order from the pause menu will actually take keeps you want them to, take down enemy officers and even heal any other warriors as long as they have a potion or are a healer. The only time they will ever really struggle is if they are under levelled or you didn’t bother paying attention to the weapons that the enemies use in the fort and thought it was a good idea to send your Pegasus Knights into a keep filled with Archers while also forgetting you were playing on Classic Mode where your units stay out of action if defeated until you spend your gold to revive them! These improvements not only make the game more enjoyable but with the inclusion of traditional Fire Emblem elements it showcases a point that Warriors fans have been saying for years now. These games DO require more out of the player than just “mindless Button Mashing.” In terms of content, yeah I will admit I think Hyrule Warriors is better but this is about gameplay and in that regard Fire Emblem Warriors is the better Nintendo based Warriors Crossover. Excluding that one game on the 3DS that let’s you play as one of the characters in a Zero Suit. No matter what I do I just can’t escape talking about my kinks, can I?


Pokemon Sun and Moon are some of my favourites in the series!

Okay let’s see, I’ve talked about how I don’t like a lot of the original 151 Pokemon, I’ve said Team Rocket and Team Skull are some of the weakest Villain Teams in the series (Team Yell isn’t looking much better either) and I actively stand up for people who are looking forward to Sword and Shield and have previously shown my distaste for the people who harass those not only looking forward to Sword and Shield but also Masuda and make some really dis respectful memes towards them that actually cause my blood to boil to a white hot rage every time I see them. What more haven’t I don’t to paint a massive target on my back? Said I really liked one of the most disliked games in the series? Well I mean every game in this series if you think about it past Gold and Silver is disliked at first but then a few years pass and suddenly every shows nothing but praise, mostly by people who were kids when they played them and enjoyed them a lot, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Sun and Moon as well as Sword and Shield get the same treatment eventually.

Let me give you all a little bit of background, I was taking a bit of a break from Pokemon. The last game in the series I played as it was released that wasn’t a remake was Pokemon Black. I didn’t get Black 2 and it would a year until I got Pokemon X after it’s release and right after I was done with Omega Ruby. My break from the series wasn’t by choice or anything either. I just simply wasn’t making my own money at the time to buy my own games. That and maybe I was a little worried because of the stigma that Pokemon is a “Kids game”. It’s the same reason I was so hesitant to give MLP a watch at first because of how people saw Bronies and even around people I know I’m still a little hesitant to even admit I like the show. Throughout most of 2015 I played X and Omega Ruby a lot. And I mean a lot! And I enjoyed them a lot as well. Hell, I might not of even came up with Mikaela if it wasn’t for the trainer Customization in X. Then Pokemon Sun and Moon came out at the end of 2016. After playing the Gen Six games I was really looking forward to Gen Seven and this time I wouldn’t be late!

Once I got home and popped the game into my 3DS, I just couldn’t stop playing! I was so invested in the games story, the world and a lot of the Pokemon. It probably helps that I had been to Hawaii that same year which the region of Alola is heavily based on, even it’s name sounds like Aloha, so exploring it right after I had just been to the real life equivalent was kind of cool and even felt somewhat surreal to me. The Pokemon in this game are some of my favourites in the series as well. Decedueye, Primarina, Lurantis, Komala, Salazzle, Crabwarler, all the Ultra Beasts that are not Buzzwall and my absolute favourite of them all, the reason I brought Moon version, Lunala. Of course, it’s not a perfect line up of Pokemon. There’s Incinaroar, Alolan Muk, Tserenne and the aforementioned Buzzwall but a lot of the Pokemon in this game I find myself loving more than hating. And of course, the gameplay is still the classic Pokemon formula with the new addition of Z Moves which I don’t use a lot unless I want a spectacular end to a battle. I sometimes feel like Dantae’s personality from Devil May Cry has rubbed off on me something if THAT’S how I use Z moves and sometimes even Mega Evolutions.

And speaking of more loving than hating that brings me to the part of the game which a lot of people don’t like but I actually don’t mind and even found myself loving towards the end, the story and characters. Specifically, the characters Lillie and Lusamine. Oh and Wicke of course because thick waifu though it might surprise you to know that I actually considered Lana a bit of a waifu. The relationship between these characters is something that you think I wouldn’t care about, but I really do. As I learnt about Lusamine’s mistreatment of Lillie and Gladion I actually felt kind of sorry for both of them but I felt even more sorry for Lusamine because if you go back to Ather Paradise after clearing the Pokemon League and talk to Gladion not only does he give you Type: Null (It’s a different Type: Null from the one he uses) but he also tells you the reason why his mother became so messed up. Lusamine actually did care about her two kids and had a husband. She was still head of the Ather Foundation and even before the events of the game there were experimenting with the Ultra Wormholes. Unfortunately, during one experiment they managed to open a worm hole but Lusamine’s husband ended up getting sucked though it and it closed before they could save him. Yeah, I think you can kind of understand now why Lusamine went insane, disowned her two kids, becoming so obsessed with Ultra Beasts and the wormholes and became a tentacle henti monster some people would probably still want to do. I’m not judging of course; it would be pretty hypocritical of me to do so. I even like that some members of the Ather Foundation actually considered leaving because of how ashamed they were of what it had secretly become. Hell, the Ather Foundation is one of my personal favourite villain teams in the series just for Lusamine alone. A lot of people say they don’t like the more complex Pokemon Villains which is a complaint I never understand because I feel like the more complex villains are much more interesting and better than the incredibly basic Team Rocket from Gen One. Oh and Team Skull’s in this game as well. They….Exist. Lillie grows a fair amount becoming a lot more assertive and even standing up to her mother which I couldn’t help but feel really proud of her for doing so. I don’t want to say why because it’s kind of personal but I do see some of myself in Lillie. When it was all over and Lillie left Alola to find a cure for her mother who had become very ill after her fusion with Nhiligo I actually got a little sad that this would have been the last time we see her. At least in Sun and Moon. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I prefer Sun and Moon over Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the somewhat sombre ending. Hell, we might never find out if she ever does find a cure and I kind of prefer it that way. Sometimes the mystery of an unknown question is better than the answer. People say that this game has “Two much story” and I really don’t get that complaint at all. Of course you do also have people saying that “No one play’s Pokemon for the story” which is a REALLY contentious augment. I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it until people listen. Not everyone plays a game or a series for the same reason! Some people DO play for the story, others for just the gameplay!

With everything I liked about Sun and Moon put in perspective I hope I at least explained clearly why I feel the way I do. And if I’m invested in the game and having fun at the same time isn’t that all that matters?